Captain C. M. Bearden

The Gazette
July 29, 1896

Last Saturday morning about six o’clock Capt. C. M. Bearden, owner and builder of the steamer Rosa B, died at his father’s residence four miles west of Farmerville, after an illness of two weeks with typhus malarial fever.

The deceased was a hard-working young man of indomitable energy and untiring perseverance, of good morals and a generous heart. With pluck and energy as his only capital he conceived the idea of building and owning a steamboat. By cutting and rafting timber he managed to accumulate about a thousand dollars in a few years. Then it was he began the building of his boat, superintending the construction and doing a good share of the work himself. With his limited means such a task was no small undertaking, but he kept working away and in the course of eighteen months he had completed a model steamboat for Bayou D’Arbonne trade, the products of his industry and skill. True he had to borrow some money to purchase the machinery for the Rosa B. but we understand that he has repaid the most of it out of last season’s business, and at the time of his death had his craft almost free of debt, and was in a position to make money comparatively easy, and for this reason his death just as his cherished hopes were about to be realized is particularly sad.

The deceased leaves a young wife, aged father and two sisters to mourn his untimely demise, to whom The Gazette extends condolences.


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