Cannons Sound Off At Shiloh

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June 9, 2011

James Know Polk Fomby

James Knox Polk Fomby was my 2nd great grandfather. I found that he was buried at Shiloh but did not have a marker. That is something I have a problem with. I believe everyone should have a marker on their grave. So, I connected  David Hill, Commander,
Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor Camp #1308, Sons of Confederate Veterans. He took care of everything. He arranged for the marker and the ceremony.

It is documented that James Know Polk Fomby was buried at Shiloh but there are no records of where. So, I decided to put his marker beside his grandson’s, William Jesse Fomby, family. The two children of Jesse and Bertha Fomby who were mentioned, but not named, and served in WWII are Robert L. Fomby and Mary Beatrice Fomby Fleisher. Their great grandson who served in Afghanistan is Brandon Maroney, the grandson of their daughter Doris Fomby Crowell.

My 2nd great grandmother, his wife, Buena Vista Jane Powell Fomby, is also buried at Shiloh. She does not have a marker. I want to put one next to her husband but I am over budget on markers. I am hoping some of his other grandchildren will pitch in.

James Know Polk Fomby 2


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