Celebrating Our Independence Day

Molly Liggin Rankin

Celebrating our Independence Day. We honor our brave ancestors who fought to obtain our freedom. My 4X great grandfather William Tabor (born Jan 4, 1761) enlisted in the Army at age 14 and was advanced to the rank of Lt. by age 20 (service # WF 6245)…while fighting in the battle of King’s Mountain. in South Carolina, he was severely wounded ….would have died of head wounds if not for the valiant effort of a young girl named Susannah Tubb who lived near the battleground and was (as the story goes) returning with the body of her father (George Tubb) (killed at Kings Mountain) strapped to her horse …she heard Lt Tabor moan. She took her father’s body from her horse and somehow put Lt Tabor onto the horse and led him back to her house where he was nursed back to health. They fell in love and married after the war. He remained in the Army to help dispel Indian raids. Later he worked for Indian Affairs and located to Winston Co Mississippi where he stayed until he died. He and Susannah are buried in the woods near Louisville MS. One of their children, Elijah Tabor, moved to Union Parish LA. His son, George Mason Tabor, fought in the Civil War. His son, John Burl Tabor was my great grandfather. Laura Tabor Matthews my grandmother and Edna Matthews Liggin my mother and then ME.

Addition to story: 

My 5X great grandfather John Tabor was the father of William and both fought at Kings’ Mountain South Carolina.. His wife was Elizabeth Sharpe Tabor …She was as heroic as a soldier in caring for her big family (11 children) while the men were away fighting. Supposedly she had to ride 80 miles all alone through the wilderness of territories infested with Torries and soldiers to get SALT for her family.

****From Debbie

Molly’s grandmother, Laura Tabor Matthews was my grandmother’s older sister. My line is John Burl Tabor, Bertha Tabor Fomby, Tressie Fomby Upshaw and me.


William Tabor

Susannah Tubb Tabor
William Tabor 2

Fred and Adam Rankin at the burial site.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Independence Day

  1. George Tubb b 1727, m. in 1748 to Mary Tabor is my 5th ggf, their daughter Karenhappuck Tubb married her 1st cousin John Tubb, a RWS, their daughter Mary (Polly) Tubb married Dr Sion B Sanders.

    I have George Tubb as passing in 1803 in Pendleton County, SC


  2. Apologies. I was talking of George Tubb, kind of cross eyed here.
    I have William B Tabor 1761-1844 m Susannah Tubb as son of John Tabor and Elizabeth Sharp. That very well could be incorrect.

    What is not incorrect is that the Continental Army, did not partake in the battle of King’s Mountain.

    The Loyalist side was led by British Officer Maj Ferguson, he commanded a Loyalist Militia.
    They were met and defeated by the “Over the Mountain Boys”, not even a militia but a group of volunteers from the Watauga Republic (modern Elizabethton, Tennessee), not the Army or even the patriot militia’s from either north or south Carolina.

    Ferguson had sworn to wipe out the Watauga Republic and was marching a Loyalist Militia to that purpose. The word got ahead of Ferguson and 1,000 volunteers grabbed their rifles and virtually ran over the Appalachians to catch Ferguson on King’s Mountain.


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