Pillows Problems

Pearl Harris

Just before bedtime a few days ago I heard an advertisement saying we should buy new pillows every two years. As I turned the covers back I looked at my pillows and they looked a little small. I tried to remember when they had been replaced. I determined it had been longer than two years. As I lay there trying to get to sleep some memories about pillows came to mind.

I remembered when we were small — as I was small — we had a flock of geese. It seems to me that my Dad got them to do something about the crops – either they ate insects or some kind of weed or grass to keep the crop rows clean. I liked the geese, I thought they were pretty. One day I heard all the geese making a terrible noise. I went to check out the problem and my dad and mom had these geese up in their arms and feathers were flying everywhere, I thought they were killing them so I went out screaming , “Stop” but what they were doing was picking feathers to make new pillows.

I remember them stuffing the feathers into new ticking, then they let them sun for a few days. They did feel soft and fluffy. We had a feather bed we used in the winter, but I can’t recall whether they made it a home or not. But I sure felt sorry for the geese, I am sure it hurt pulling these feathers out, as it sure hurts us to pull our hair.

I still think geese are pretty ‘neat’ but I don’t see many now. I have no idea what our pillows are made from these days. I am sure it is some sort of man made ‘stuff’ and probably made in China or some place we don’t know about. While I was examining the pillows I looked at the sheets, they were a little faded and thin, but they still felt nice and cool when I slid in the bed. I recalled we had a bridal shower at our church recently for a young lady. She had selected some sheets, a set with pillowcases, and they were priced at $100. I guess they were probably for a king size bed. Anyway I slid under the covers and thought my sheets and pillows were just fine. I hope you had a restful night. As the old saying goes “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbug bite”.

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