Well – What’s Next?

By: Pearl Harris

I’ve seen a lot of things disappear  in my 94+ years – but I think this took me by surprise – Quit teaching “cursive writing”. I shudder when I see some students handling pencils – they hold a pencil as if they were going to punch a hole in a bucket. When I went to school the teacher taught “Penmanship” – the Palmer method. We were taught to hold our pens and pencils correctly. We practiced “overs and push and pulls” and had to hand in homework. I don’t know if whoever transfers my “cursive” into typewritten articles can show this demonstration in print. There are ovals and push and pulls…O I (not exactly how Mrs. Pearl had them on paper – LOL!). They were fun to do and it made us use our arms in writing our reports. I was a pretty good writer but never as good as my sister. She had the most beautiful handwriting that I have ever seen. She won all the medals at the rallies. I did pretty well – but not as well as she did. If kids don’t learn to write what will happen if the terrorists somehow knock out all the “grids” or whatever they use for all the electronic “stuff”. Besides I’ll throw a little humor in – when the kids wear their little fingers down to “nubs” – pushing those buttons – they won’t have fingers to write with. Oh, well, maybe they are right – maybe we don’t need to write anymore. I can use a typewriter but I type faster than I can think when I write these little articles – so I “cursive” write. I love pretty greeting cards and they very appropriate words – but I’m always disappointed if I don’t read a few hand written words – they mean “LOVE” to me. So, you grandmothers teach your children to write you a letter – but if they stop delivering mail – oh, well that’s another story!

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