A Bloody Deed

October 7, 1896

The Ruston Leader gives the following facts regarding the assassination of Mr. Edward Beatty near that place on the 26th ult:

“Last Saturday night while Edward Beatty was eating supper at his home about two miles west of Ruston, some unknown man walked quietly to the door, and, placing a shotgun within a few feet of Mr. Beatty, discharged the contents into his head, tearing one side of his head entirely off and causing instant death. The night being very dark the murderer easily made his escape. Mr. Beatty’s wife, three children, and a friend, Mr. Turpin, were at the table where the deed was done. Deputy United States Marshal Sizemore, who is a brother-in-law of Mr. Beatty and who lives withing half a mile of Mr. Beatty’s farm, was sent for at once.”

“Mr. Beatty was a peaceable, law-abiding man, and it was not known that he had any enemies.”

“So far as we know, there is but one opinion in the minds of our citizens in regard to this affair, and that unanimous opinion is based on the following facts: A few months ago Mr. Beatty’s testimony convicted Frank Mullins of selling whiskey in Ruston in violation of law, which conviction resulted in the breaking up of Mr. Mullin’s blind tiger at this place. This trial was in the Mayor’s court. The same violation is yet to come up in the district court and also in the United States court. and Mr. Beatty was to have been the principal witness in both these cases.”

“The people of Ruston and vicinity while unduly excited, are doing some sober, deep thinking.”


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