The Gazette
June 30, 1897

Sunday night J. L. Antley, a white prisoner who was confined in the parish jail under charge of stealing a cow, made his escape from the prison. Sheriff Pleasant cannot explain the means of escape. Antly was confined in the east cell, the door of which is fastened by lock and key. There were two other prisoners in the jail at the time — a white man and a negro. They say that two men entered the jail by the stairway, and that they opened the cell door letting Antley out. The bars of one of the south windows of the lower floor were prized apart, and it is supposed that the rescuers entered the jail through that window, but how, they succeeded in opening the cell door is a mystery. The prisoners were usually kept in the cell having a combination lock, but that apartment was newly painted last week, and the inmates were temporarily placed in the other cell.


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