Miss Eddie Bolton and Mr. J. T. McClanahan

The Gazette
August 11, 1897


Shiloh, La., Aug 5, 1896

At the residence of the bride’s parents, at 10 o’clock, a.m., Miss Eddie Bolton was married to Mr. J. T. McClanahan, Rev. Mr. Melton, pastor of the Baptist church officiating. The wedding was private, only the family and a few intimate friends being present. The groom is editor of the Mansfield Journal, and deserves the companionship of the lovely woman whose heart he has won. The bride was reared in this community, and processes all the charms of the present type of Southern womanhood. Immediately after the ceremony the bridal couple left for Ruston in route to Mansfield, their future home. The happy pair have the good wishes of many friends for their future, welfare, none more heartfelt than our own. As when their vehicle disappeared in the distance, we looked after them and said, “Long may they live and prosper.”    M.C.M.

****This article was printed in the August 11, 1897 edition of the Gazette. However the article clearly has the marriage date as August 5, 1896.



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