Joe Shaw Accidentally Shot

The Gazette
October 13, 1897

Rifle Ball Penetrates His Brain, Producing Instant Death

A terrible accident happened in ward eight of this parish last Saturday morning, resulting in the instant death of Mr. Joe Shaw. On the ill-fated morning Mr. Shaw and Mr. Jas. Ray were out turkey hunting. About 8 o’clock the former left his companion, saying he was going home. Mr. Ray continued to hunt. While in an old field he gave a yelp and was answered by what he supposed to be a turkey. Mr. Ray saw an object in the bushes whence the answer came, and presuming it was the coveted game, he fired at it.

As Mr. Ray approached he was shocked beyond expression to find that he had killed his friend, Mr. Shaw. The rifle ball entered on right rear side of the head and lodged near the left eye, penetrating the brain and producing instant death.

The two men were strong friends and Mr. Ray is almost crazed over the unfortunate accident. The decreased was a good man an upright citizen, and his sad death is greatly deplored. He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss.


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