The Remains of Mr. Edward Finn

The Gazette
December 22, 1897

The remains of Mr. Edward Finn were disinterred last week and shipped by express to Monticello, Ark., for interment in the family burial ground there. Mr. Finn died in Farmerville in August, 1895 and his remains were then laid to rest in the Farmerville cemetery. When the remains were dug up only the skeleton and hair of the deceased was in the coffin. The outer box was sound while the bottom and side of the coffin was partially decayed. The grave were perfectly dry.


One thought on “The Remains of Mr. Edward Finn

  1. Apologies for the gory.

    The human body is 90% water. Evidently the gent was not embalmed before burial.
    In an enclosed and confined space there is no chance for evaporation of body fluids (water) thus the bottom and sides would be soaked, and thus decay, as the water (body fluids) could not evaporate.
    Eventually the decayed wood in contact with the ground, would have their water dissipated and thus the grave would be dry.

    Again apologies for the gore.


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