Trimble – Baughman

The Gazette
December 29, 1897

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baughman was the scene of a pretty wedding on last Thursday morning. At nine o’clock, the appointed hour, the sweet strains of Mendelssohn’s wedding march pealed forth from the piano under the skillful touch of Miss Anna Trimble. At the first notes little Olive and Gladys Baughman, dressed in dainty gowns of white organdie over silk, each carrying a white ribbon which formed an aisle for the bridal couple, led the way toward Hymen’s altar. The officiating minister, Rev. P. O. Lowrey, then followed, and lastly came the bride and groom.

As the happy couple took their places the strains of music died away, and Mr. Lowrey, in a dignified and impressive manner, pronounced the beautiful Episcopal ceremony which united the lives of the two fond lovers “for better, for worse”. After the ceremony, the little attendants, marching to the exquisite harmony of Lohengrin, lead the way to the dining room where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served the guests

The bride, Miss Homie Baughman, is a sister of Mr. J. D. Baughman, a prominent merchant of our town, and she was one of the most popular young ladies of our social circle. As she stood before the altar, arrayed in a handsome gown of white figured taffeta, aglow with a radiance of  love and happiness, she was indeed a picture of womanly womanhood which rivalled the purity of the immaculate white bride roses that she held in her hand.

Mr. Sam C. Trimble, the groom, is a son of the late Judge J. E. Trimble, and is a young man of high moral standing and fine business qualifications. He is at present secretary and treasurer of the Hillsboro Investment and Electric Co., of Hillsboro, Tex.

Immediately after refreshments were served, the newly wedded couple took their departure for New Orleans, carrying with them the best wishes of a host of friends. After spending a few days there they will go to their new home in Hillsboro, Tex. The bride and groom were the recipients of many costly and beautiful wedding presents. May a long life of love, happiness and prosperity be their lot.


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