A Sad Tragedy

The Gazette
March 23, 1898

Last Wednesday morning Ben G. Littlepage shot Mark Cann, killing him instantly, in the road adjoining their plantations, about 16 miles below Monroe. For several months bad blood had existed between the two men; and friends had tried in vain to settle their differences.

A couple of days previous to the fatal affair, Cann severely abused Littlepage, drawing a pistol on him. The latter being unarmed then offered no resistance. On the morning of the tragedy Cann was riding by Littlepage’s store when he was fired upon twice with a shotgun loaded with buckshot, several of which took effect in his breast and hip.

Cann’s friends claim that it was a cold-blooded murder, while Littlepage asserts that he acted in self-defense. The saddest feature about this sad affair is that both men were related by family ties, Littlepage having married a first cousin of his victim. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. A. A. Cann. The deceased was about 34 years of age and unmarried. He was born in Union Parish, near Farmerville, and has many friends here who will regret to hear of his sad and untimely death.

Littlepage was arrested shortly after the tragedy and is now in custody, awaiting a preliminary trial, which will probably be given today.


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