Burglary in Ward 10

The Gazette
April 6, 1898

We received news over the telephone Tuesday morning of a daring burglary that occurred in Ward 10 of this parish Sunday evening about 8 o’clock. While Mr. O. P. Johnson and his family were at the supper table, a burglar entered his house and carried away a trunk containing $100 in cash and about $500 worth of notes. Mr. Johnson has an idea who the miscreant was, and is on the lookout for him. Evidently he was well acquainted with the habits of the family and the surroundings of the house. We learn that Mr. Marion Gaskins, of the same neighborhood, was robbed under similar circumstances a few weeks ago. His trunk was carried away and the money extracted therefrom. The trunk was afterwards found where the robbers left it in the woods.

Since the above was put in type, we learn that the trunk has been found, but the cash and a lot of tobacco was missing. Most of the other contents were in the trunk. Two negroes named Newton Jensens and Commodore Cage were brought to town Tuesday under suspicion of being the burglars, the evidence against them being circumstantial.


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