From Spearsville

The Gazette
May 11, 1898

Editor Gazette:  Trusting that you and your readers will take no exceptions at a communication from these parts, I hereby send a few dots for publication.

The picnic at Cornie bridge last Friday afforded pleasure to the pupils of Everett Institute, et al., who had so long (to them) been confined in the prison of school regulations. Two entertainments were given at night at the residence of Messrs. Eugene Buckley and Geo. L. Taylor.

Mr. Thos. Clark and his convicts are still at Cornie bridge, erecting their work in beaver style, somewhat. Mr. Clark says that he cannot complete the work now, owing to the near freedom of his hands. Wonder who will be the next to enlist in this cause for Union Parish?

Dr. George Carroll, after a confinement of several months with slow fever, is again able to resume his practice.

Misses Etta and Lena Cole were visiting relatives and friends here last week. Their suitors were present too, but perhaps they were not so anxious about “relatives and friends.”

Dr. W. S. Harrell had been quite puny for several weeks.

Cool weather has caused corn to remain small up to date, though if these warm days and nights last very long crops will, no doubt, be more promising. Gardens are looking well now.

Justice B. F. Post has recently planted about twenty bushels of Irish potatoes. He is too fleshy to “run” and he says that he is planting for the soldiers.

If Cornie swamp catches as many “scouters” as are speaking of locating there in case of “compulsion” to go to war, certainly it will be thickly settled.

Should this article escape the waste basket, I may come again soon. Kind wishes to all.

May 3, 1898



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