From Spearsville

The Gazette
June 1, 1898

We did not fall into the waste basket the other week, and now we are coming again. But before “itemizing” to a considerable extent, we desire to say we shall of necessity, have to mention names occasionally; but those mentioned will please bear in mind that we are not waging war against them, as good wishes, seasoned with a jest now and then, are some of the motives which induce us to write.

Mrs. Henderson, mother of A. B. Henderson of this place, had a surgical operation performed on her yesterday by Drs. Chas. Brooks, W. S. Harrell and Geo. Carroll. She has dropsy.

Justice B. F. Post’s court was in session last Saturday and continued, more or less, until Monday. “Cases” are rather scarce now, and when they are obtained Frank and George spare no time in administering justice.

Mrs. Jacobs, widow of Mr. Wm. Jacobs who was shot by Dr. Welch, is quite feeble. She is not expected to live long.

During the last six months Mr. Wm. H. Risinger has had heart trouble, and still confined to his home.

These warm days and nights are causing crops to look more promising.

Cotton chopping is not the order of the day with farmers, and some of them are making good progress.

A very nice rain fell here on the 21st. Of course this was not enough to afford a good season but it did much good, nevertheless.

Mrs. S. H. Post is unwell, but she is not seriously sick.

Occasionally a cow-buyer makes his appearance here. For the past two or three years many cows have been driven from this section of country, and one good result is that people are replacing them by a better grade of stock. This should have been done years ago.

Mr. Elias Carroll is preparing his post office for a money order office. People must have more money there than is in circulation at Spearsville.

The only son of Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Harrell was born to them last week. The doctor steps pearter and looks better; and is desiring, no doubt, a larger practice.

Mr. J. O. Buckley and Dr. J. B. Spears claim to be authorized to “initiate” people who move into Spearsville. Perhaps their conversational powers (?) secured for them this honor.

May 24, 1898


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