From Spearsville

The Gazette
June 22, 1898

Since we last wrote, Prof. W. E. Clark, of Conway, La., has been seen here mingling with friends’ and, seemingly he had several “strings to his bow”. He speaks of teaching in Lincoln Parish this summer.

The infant child of Dr. W. S. Harrell was quite sick last week, but we are glad to learn that it is improving.

For the past two weeks, the pupils of Everett Institute have been trying to stand the examination. All seem to think they will come out O. K. and it is to be hoped they will not be disappointed.

Mr. W. M. Post, Jr., who went to Texas a few months ago, writes that he is improving in health. It was thought that he had consumption, and nearly every person who saw him before he went to Texas were convinced that he could not live long.

Every day, since the 13th, we have had rain. Surely a good season has fallen, and our people are now realizing it.

We are sorry to learn that Prof. Mason is on the sick list. It is thought by some that he has measles but as he states that he has had that disease, it is hoped that he has something else. Miss Cobb is carrying on the examination.

There was a show advertised to be here on the 15th, but owing to high water it failed to arrive. No one here seemed to be disappointed.

Eld. Henry Archer of Farmerville, passed here on the 13th en route to parts in Arkansas.

The wheat gathering last Saturday was more of a success than we anticipated; yet we were glad to note the interest taken by the farmers present, and trust that the good work will go on and bring forth much wheat next year. To say nothing of the harm the present war is doing the country, if it causes the people to pay more attention to home production, certainly that is one good it is doing.

Mr. S. W. Taylor, of Cherry Ridge, was at the wheat meeting here, and remained over a day or two. His talk on wheat growing was quite inspiring to those who heard him. If farmers would unite their forces, and strive to grow more of the necessaries of life and abandon so much reliance on the Northern and Eastern manufacturers , much grumbling about hard times and governmental affairs would cease. No political party can restore this necessity to the masses of the people.

Mr. Lee Goyne had Dr. W. S. Spears to see one of his children today. The doctor stated that the child was pretty sick. May it recover speedily.


June 16, 1898


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