From Spearsville

The Gazette
August 10, 1898

Owing to pressing business we did not come last week. But news is scarce any way.

Mr. A. J. Templeton has just returned from eastern Texas, where he went prospecting for a future home.

The burglar who went into J. A. Taylor’s house and took out money a week or two since, has not been identified. This was a bold robbery and the guilty should be punished.

Messrs. J. C. Cole and G. E. Henderson went to Shiloh yesterday from this place. There is still some sickness in these parts, but sore eyes is the worst complaint just now.

The pupils of New Hope school met yesterday and had singing. They seem to be very much interested in singing as well as other things. The young men of this school have organized a debating society, and it is to be hoped that profitable developments will be the result.

Justice B. F. Post went to Junction City last week, and again brought back ice, soda pop, etc., for the Spearsville people.

Mr. Joe Upshaw, who is with his brother-in-law south of town a few miles, was expected to die last week. We do not know the direct cause of his sickness.

Prof. Chas. A. Matthews, who expects to teach the next session at Everett Institute came in late this evening. We wish him much success.

Mr. John Taylor, the deputy sheriff, passed through town today.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Buckley are now gone to Hillsboro for a day or so.


August 1, 1898





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