The Reason Why

I had a Grandma who came from a large family. She was number 13 of 13. Grandma and all of her brothers and sisters loved to talk, to talk to each other and talk about each other. They also liked to visit. Grandma never liked to be alone, so after my Grandpa died she was either at our house or we were at her house. The results was I know the full names of all her sisters and brothers, their birthdays, the date they died, where they were buried, who they married and the names and particulars of all their children and grandchildren.

All of you who read this blog have seen many articles written by Edna Liggin. Edna was my mom’s first cousin. She lost her husband way too soon and started working at the Union Parish library. However, she started writing articles for The Gazette in 1939. Somewhere down that road she got interested in genealogy. To be truthful it was probably in her blood. Edna and my Grandma, are the main reasons I am so fascinated with digging up ancestors.

I started out with a head start. Edna and her sister, Bertie Booles, had researched the Tabor line back to before the Revolutionary War. The Fombys, Moores and Tubb/Tubbs were done too. The other side, my dad’s, was the same. Emma Lou Albritton Upshaw goes back to the Mayflower. There is little left to fine on the Upshaws, Taylors, Albrittons and Greens. On that side I can thank folks like Gene Barron and Dr. Tim Hudson.

As fortunate as I am there were still three brick walls, Coplen/Copeland, Butler and Webb. I was able to solve the Webb line but the other two are a challenge. They have given me a strong empathy for others who have the same problem as I have with my two problems. That was one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to share what I had found and my resources. To be honest, I was also hoping to get some clues. If you don’t want to share, you can not expect others to share with you.

That is why I post so many articles that do not relate to me or my family. It may not pertain to my research but it might help someone else. That brings us to the reason for this post. I am doing this to record what I find and share what I find with others. It just might answer some questions that others have. Sometimes it is not pretty. Sometimes it is really, really not pretty. In any case there is nothing we can do about that. We can only record it and move on.

There have been several articles about black people. Some were not good people. Some of the whites were not good people. All we have to go on is what is in the articles. We were not there. We will never have all the facts or the reasons these things happened. We can not change anything that happened over one hundred years ago.  What we can change is someone just might find something they were looking for. They many find what happened to a grandfather or grandmother. And that folks is why I will continue to post articles that aren’t very flattering.

The last thing I want to make extremely plain is Union Parish is my home. I no longer live there but it is still home. I am related to almost every one living there. The people there are just like everyone else. They have their faults but for the most part they are extremely good people. I will not allow anyone to come on my blog and trash my home and the people I have known my entire life. I will not allow anyone to hold them responsible for things that happened over a hundred and fifty years ago. Things that happened all over this country. I don’t expect anyone to approve of everything they read but don’t blame people who had nothing to do with it. Judging others is not your job.

For the rest of you, thank you for reading my blog and supporting me.



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