From Spearsville

The Gazette
August 24, 1898

Mr. J. K. (Polk) Ramsey and family, of Junction City, were in town visiting relatives since we wrote last.

Prof. Mathews has located in the residence recently vacated by Prof. Mason.

Mr. W. S. Spears went to Farmerville last Monday.

Messrs. Sid and Will Rockett, who went to Texas about eight months ago, came back on the 17th.

Prof. G. W. Mason was here a few days  since. He stated that he had made a thorough canvas in the eastern portion of Union County in the interest of his school, and still he was exerting his energies to that end.

Mr. Willie Pickens is erecting a new cotton press in his gin house at this place.

Mr. Lynn Reas, of  Weldon, was here on official business last week.

On last Thursday (week) Eld. Henry Archer passed through town, en route to a district meeting at Summerfield.

Miss Carrie Gray, who has spent about three weeks visiting relatives and friends in the Post neighborhood, returned to her home near Weldon yesterday.

The protracted meeting is now being held in this place. Several persons from a distance are attending.

Mr. W. M. Post, of Upland, Ark., was in his old neighborhood yesterday. His son Will, is very puny with consumption (it is thought) in Texas.

E. O. Mahony, Esq., of El Dorado, Ark., was seen here last Saturday.

Dr. Geo. Carroll left for Shreveport on last Monday, where he intends locating.

Mr. J. O. Buckley says that he has raised corn this year the cobs of which will measure from his elbow to the end of his fingers.


Aug. 29, 1898

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