Union Parish News

The Gazette
September 14, 1898

A child of Mr. J. S. Meeks died Saturday of fever.

Capt. L. Brunner is spending a few days with relatives in Farmerville.

The stock law question is getting to be a very live issue in Union Parish.

Mrs. Jane Lee and Mrs. C. D. Covington are both on the sick list this week.

Miss Summie Carroll of Spearsville ward, has entered Mt. Lebanon College.

Mr. F. F. Preaus was confined to his room a few days of Last week with fever.

A new girl made her arrival into the household of Mr. J. D. Fenton

Rev. A. J. Cockrott, of Mansfield, will preach at the Baptist church this Tuesday night.

A son was born to Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Taylor on the 2nd inst. The Gazette extends congratulations.

After a few week’s pleasant visit with friends in Texas, Miss Bertha Cook returned home Friday evening.

Mrs. J. D. Baughman who was reported critically ill in our last week’s paper is now much improved.

Miss Maude Selig, left Sunday morning for Nashville, Tenn., to reengage in her college work at Ward’s Seminary.

Backache, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Diarrhoea, Cramp Calls, all aches and pains speedily cured with Hunt’s Lightning Oil. Failing, money refunded.

We understand that the Shiloh and Ward’s Chapel base ball clubs will play their second game at Farmerville Friday.

We are pleased to note that our young friend, Prof. F. M. Odom, has been chosen principle of the Morehouse High School.

Miss Mary Shumaker, who taught a summer school in Union Parish near Marion, left for her home at Warren, Ark., Thursday.

Auditor W. W. Heard and family, of Baton Rouge, are visiting relatives and friends in Farmerville. They arrived Tuesday evening.

The Holmesville base ball team crossed bats with the Farmerville club last Wednesday afternoon. The latter nine were winners by heavy odds.

Next Monday is the day fixed for reconvening of our district court. The grand jury will meet on that day, but the petty jury will not be required until the following Monday.

Col. D. Stein says he was talking Tuesday morning with Bastrop over the telephone. Our town now has telephonic communication with Bastrop, Collinston, Monroe, Walnut Lane and Holmesville.

Cheatham’s Chill Tonic is acknowled (that is the way they spelled it) to be the best. Physicians use and prescribe it. Cure guaranteed. Put up in both tasteless and bitter styles. Tasteless in 50-cent bottles.

Mr. Arthur Lewis, son of ex-parish judge, T. C. Lewis, formerly of Farmerville, died recently at the Chickamauga military camp. He was a member of the Second Regiment of Arkansas volunteers.

Wanted to Buy

The following kinds of staves–Pipes, Hogheads, West India and Wines. Also to contract for the making of these different kinds of staves. Also to hire hands to make staves by the day. Will pay liberal prices.

H. W. McLeod & Co.

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