From Spearsville

The Gazette
November 30, 1898

Since writing last, Mrs. S. J. Hollis’ son, Howard, had the misfortune of getting his leg broken by a loaded wagon. He is improving quite fast, so stated.

Messrs. Benjamin and Robert Post, who reside near Lockhart, are expecting to move to Texas before many weeks.

Mr. Isom Johnson, one of the partners running Johnson & Brown’s saw mill a few miles northwest of here, had his head, neck, face and shoulders considerably bruised up a few days since by some of the boxing of the running machinery flying out. He is getting well again.

Miss Ida Spears left recently to resume her school near Juno, Union County, Ark.

The right-of-way for the railroad is now cut out to the Spearsville and Summerfield road.

Mr. T. W. Clark and his hands are at work again at Cornie bridge.

Notwithstanding the large crop of potatoes raised here this season, it is a fact that they are rotting. One man in this neighborhood, Mr. H. W. Breazeal, states that he dug and housed about 400 bushels.

Much cotton is yet in the patch in these parts.

Sickness is giving way some, and so is my news.

I may come again when something else happens.


Nov. 21, 1898 

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