John Lott Accidentally Shot

The Gazette
November 30, 1898

Late Sunday afternoon, Mr. John Lott, of Ruston, was accidentally shot with a 38 calibre Colts revolver. The ball entered the left breast, and went straight through the body and upper part of left lung, lodging in the back near the left shoulder blade. Drs. Barnes and Jameson were at at once summoned and did what was possible to relieve the suffering of the young man. They pronounce the wound a painful one, but are quite confident that the patient will recover unless internal complications set up. The ball lodged in the skin of the back and was cut out Monday morning.

Mr. Lott had just come over from Ruston, bringing his cousin, Mrs. J. G. Davis. He had his pistol in a scabbard, and having it on his person while lifting up some fire wood, the weapon fell from the scabbard, causing the gun to discharge, and the ball taking effect as stated above.

At last accounts the patient was doing was well as could be expected.


Mrs. Virginia Lott and little daughter, of Ruston, arrived in Farmerville Tuesday, being called here by the illness of her son, Mr. John Lott.

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