From Spearsville

The Gazette
December 21, 1898

Nothing very strange has “happened” since I wrote last, but for fear some one will think that something has happened to me, I come again with what I have.

Mr. Henry Henderson has recently returned from St. Louis, where he had been to have his eyes medicated.

Mr. T. W. Clark has about completed his work at Cornie bridge, and, at the present stage of bad roads at least it will be highly appreciated. He has substantially causewayed the bottom for about two or three hundred yards with heavy logs and poles, and I suppose it will average about two and one half feet high. Surely no sane person can condemn the present system of working convicts.

Misses Vada and Mollie Post and Birdie Arrington all of Park, Texas, are now visiting relatives and friends at this place. Their parents formerly resided in this parish.

Cotton pickings are now the order of the day by those who still have cotton in the unpicked regions.

Miss Effie Spears contemplates visiting her relatives in western Texas soon.

Mr. J. C. Cole and son Rushing went to Junction City Thursday.

Stave-getting is the excitement among those who have timber.

Bad roads is the complaint of wagoners.

Good wishes to all.


Dec. 18, 1898


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