Freeze in Union Parish

The Gazette
February 15, 1899

On account of the extreme bad weather, I will be unable to have my mules at places and dates as advertised, but will have a car load of fine stock at Farmerville to-day; and also a car load, in charge of Mr. Boss Aulds, at Junction City. At both of these places I will keep a lot of mules, and saddle horses and family broke mares during the season. Parties wanting stock will find it to their interest to see me before purchasing. —J. D. Baughman

Wood covered slate pencils at this office.

Mr. Jas. Hall is having a tussle with the grippe.

A jury term of district court will begin next Monday.

Fine fruit trees for sale cheap. Apply at this office.

There were plenty of short wood piles in our town last week

Thermometer Tuesday morning registered seven degrees above zero.

Messrs. J. K. Atkinson and M. Gilbert left Sunday morning for New Orleans.

Messrs. Laurence Cook and Carl Atkinson went to Monroe Friday aboard the Robinson.

Mrs. Edmund Haas left for New Orleans last Wednesday to witness the carnival season.

Mrs. H. M. Lee was quite sick last week, but we are glad to state that she is now improving.

Mr. W. A. McFarland has been laid up for several days from injuries sustained in falling on ice.

Several anti-stock law people of the fourth ward are speaking of testing the legality of the no fence law in that ward.

Mr. G. H. Hayden, the boss sewing machine repairer of North Louisiana, is again in Farmerville. All work cash.

Mr. G. E. Murphy, of Oakland, passed through Farmerville Saturday; having been called home on account of his son’s illness

Mrs. Hettie Elliott and daughter, Miss Clara, of Shiloh, spent a couple of days of last week with relatives in our town.

I want parish scrip and will pay the highest market price for it.  J. G. Trimble

Mr. D. L. Cromwell went to the Crescent City last week to purchase goods for the Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd., and take in Mardi Gras.

The police jury adjourned Friday, after a five days session. The apportionment of road hands and fixing up commissions constituted their main labors.

Cotton Seed Meal  All parties who wish to purchase cotton seed meal can save money by placing their orders with with me.   John Ballard.

On account of the severe weather last week, Mr. A. C. Gill was delayed a few days in St. Louis with Mr. Baughman’s mules. They will be here, however, in a few days.

If you want your sewing machine overhauled and made to run as good as new, get Heyden to “doctor” it. He guarantees to “cure” all defects in it. All work cash.

Owing to the fact that ice at the Cox ferry prevented the flat from crossing Sunday, the Choudrant mail did not arrive that day, and consequently Farmerville folks had to do without the news Sunday.

Mr. G. H. Hayden, the expert machine repairer, is in Farmerville ready to do all work in his line. Bring your old machines to him, or he will come to you. All work cash.

In our last week’s issue we complained about the changeable weather the weather clerk was giving us. but now we take all that back and beg to apologize for our kick. Last week the “Sunny South”, at least, so far as this section is concerned, was transformed into Arctic regions seemingly; and we will take most any kind of weather in preference to a protracted siege of that sort.


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