From Spearsville

The Gazette
February 1, 1899

As I have not written for The Gazette in quite a while, I will now send in a few dots.

A new boy has recently appeared at both Messrs. S. H. Post’s and G. L. Taylor’s , also a girl at Mr. J. C. Cole’s.

Mr. Henry C. Arington, of Bowie County, Texas, spent Christmas here with his sister, Mrs. A. B. Henderson; but since returning home he has become insane. He was not expected to live long when last heard from.

Justice court was in session here to-day. “Courting” is more comfortable since Mr. B. F. Post has erected a heater in his office.

A light form of the grippe seems to be invading nearly  every household in this section.

Since the 9th inst. a subscription school has been in session at New Hope church.

Mr. W. M. Post, Sr., of Upland, Ark., was in his old neighborhood last Sunday.

Eld. R. M. Gathright of Homer vicinity, La. passed through here a few days since en route to see his father who lives near Oakland.

Mr. A. B. Henderson has recently been to see his brother-in-law, Mr. Arington in Texas.


January 28, 1899

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