From Spearsville

The Gazette
February 22, 1899

Since writing last, time has not ceased to record her incidents here but this correspondent has been deprived of sending them for publication. While nothing so very, very, strange has occurred, the following is penned for the consideration of the editor.

The weather has been so exceptionally bad since this month began, but perhaps the promise of better weather would be more interesting.

Mr. Stokes Pryor, an old citizen of this ward, died of  la grippe a few weeks since.

Misses Vada and Mollie Post, of Park, Texas, after visiting relatives and friends here for about two months, returned home a few day ago. It seems that they left many aching hearts here.

Mr. Chas. Pryor has recently been marketing his pork at Summit, Ark.

Mr. T. G. Post visited his father at Upland, Ark., on last Saturday.

The wife of Mr. G. L. Taylor was quite sick a few nights ago.

Mr. W. M. Post, Jr., who has recently returned from western Texas, is now in the garden seed business.

Feb. 20, 1899

**La Grippe is also known as Spanish Flu

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