Shiloh in Ashes

The Gazette
March 22, 1899

The greater part of the business section of Shiloh was destroyed by fire Monday morning between 1 and 2 o’clock. Mr. Lane, a drummer who came from Shiloh Monday afternoon, has kindly given us the following particulars:

When discovered the blaze was under good headway in the store house of Mr. E. B. Robinson, where it originated. All the buildings in the town were frame structures, and as there was a stiff wind blowing, the flames rapidly spread to the adjoining houses. In a short while the stores of E. B. Robinson, J. R. Fuller, J. W. Heard & Bro., Harris & Harrell, Capt. Boatright and the post office of D. K. McLaurin were laid in ashes. Harris & Harrell saved a good portion of their goods, but most of the other sufferers barely rescued their books. The stores of J. D. Hamilton and L. W. Landers were the only ones that escaped the destructive flames. Several bales of cotton were also consumed.

The origin of the fire is unknown, but is supposed to be the work of  incendiary. At time of going to press we are unable to get amount of individual losses, but suppose the aggregate will foot up $35,000 to 40,000. We are informed that Messrs. Fuller and Heard had light insurance, but the other sufferers had none. This disaster will fall very heavily on the business men of our sister town, for many of them had just received a large portion of their spring stock goods.

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