Farmerville City Cemetery

A few days ago I was going through some old obituaries that my mom had saved over the years. One was Maud Anna McGee Smith. Maud worked for my family many, many years ago. I was very young then but I loved Maud. I looked on Find A Grave to see if she had a memorial and did not find one. There were two Farmerville Cemeteries in Farmerville. I thought there was a Jewish section but I wasn’t sure if there was a section for black people. This cemetery is very old and in those days cemeteries were sectioned off that way. That led me to Facebook and the Remember Farmerville When group to ask the experts who live there. They set me straight on the layout. They also let me in on something I didn’t know about.

The Farmerville City Cemetery is owned by the Cemetery Association and they depend on private donations for maintenance and upkeep. That is the only income they have. It is my understanding that the cemetery is in need of work.

If you have been reading my blog you know this is a very old cemetery. Many, many of the founders of Farmerville and Union Parish are buried there. It should be on The National Register of Historic Places. We will tackle that on another day. Today we need donations for the upkeep of the cemetery. Cemeteries are sacred ground and they should not be ignored.

Please help the Cemetery Association by sending them a donation. They suggest $40 for one year from families who have someone there. Any amount you can afford will be deeply appreciated. You can send a donation to the address below:

Farmerville City Cemetery Association
P O Box 553
Farmerville LA  71241

Thank you in advance for any amount you can give.


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