Spearville Dots

The Gazette
April 19, 1899

The time of year has come when we can hear the school girls and boys practicing and rehearsing their parts for the June commencement. We predict, from the interest manifested in every way, that the school (Everett Institute) will make a good showing this year.

Since we are in such, close proximity to the new railroad, we hope to send you more interesting news in the future, when prosperity staggers upon all of our people in spite of their efforts to get away from it.

Springtime seems to have gained supremacy over the trying blizzards of winter, and all nature is putting on new vigor and marching once more to the orders of “General Green”.

Either lost, strayed or stolen — “Col.” J. Q. Buckley; had a few words with his wife about ten days ago and left to be gone that evening, but has not been seen in our midst since.

Many of our farmers have planted their corn crop and are now ready to begin dropping the seeds of the fleecy staple.

Dr. Harrell says that he has done very little riding since Christmas. Good news for our health record.

Dr. Laurence, the tooth doctor, was the guest of some of our lady friends a few days last week.

We have an interesting Sunday school every Sunday evening and prayer meeting at night.

Mr. Taylor, the patent wagon-step fixer, was with us a few days last week.

The tax assessor was on our streets last week entertaining the boys.


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