The Gazette
May 17, 1899

Two dusky sons of Ham were carried before Mayor Chandler last Saturday for “practicing pugilism” on each other. They enriched the town exchequer about $3 each.

**** I had to look it up.

Pugilism definition: the art, practice, or profession of fighting with the fists ; boxing

2 thoughts on “Pugilism

  1. FYI,  Proof that blacks were thought to be descendants of Ham. Ham was cursed with a mark because he saw his father nekked. So these racist consider the mark to be skin color.

    The  oldest DNA on earth is hg A00, found amongst the San or Khoi  These people have a completely diffeernt physiology than other aboriginal inhabitants of Africa. Not black but yellowish, their range is below equatorial Africa. Equatorial Africa   resulted in the evolutionary emergence of melanin in the skin, while the northern climes favored less melanin. It’s all about evolutionary advantage, not some bibilical myth, but tell that to the religiously afflicted.

    William Farrar Farrar DNA Project Administrator


    • So, once again you come in here to say the people of Union Parish are racist. Please explain why you want to read this blog if you have such a bad impression of the people that lived there. They are no better or worse than any other place. This is not a forum to debate race relations. We are here to share memories and help others build their family tree. Please stop the race baiting.


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