Dubach Chicken Festival Pageant

If you are interested in entering  or entering your child, print the application below, fill it out and send it to the address of the form.


Dubach Chicken Festival Pageant ~ Dubach, Louisiana

Saturday, September 16th – 10:00 am for younger girls and 7:00 pm for older girls


Director: Danielle Harkins, 318-285-9743 – DRABO Office 318-777-1964


Name: __________________________________________ Age: ________  Birthday: ________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: _______________ Cell #: ___________________ Email: _______________________________

Parents: ________________________________ Siblings: ______________________________________

Hair Color: ________________ Eye Color: __________________ Favorite Color: __________________

Favorite TV Show/Movie: ___________________________ Favorite Food: _______________________

School: ____________________________________ Grade: __________  GPA (Teens Only): _________

Involvements: _________________________________________________________________________

Awards earned in school: ________________________________________________________________

Favorite things to do with free time: ________________________________________________________

TEEN DIVISIONS – you will need to submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal with your application please.


Baby Miss – 0-11 months / Toddler Miss – 1-2 years  /  Tiny Miss – 3-4 years  /  Little Miss – 5-7 years

These age divisions will compete Saturday morning at 10:00 am – if you are not signed in by 9:45 AM your daughter will be removed from competition and considered a no show – there will be a sign in sheet located at table with photos and numbers. These age division will compete in SUNDAY BEST / DRESSY DRESS – NO pageant dresses, minimum beading and rhinestones please – if you are wondering please show me a pic before you purchase – once I ok the dress – the judges will be notified all dresses that OK – if a dress is considered pageant dress a deduction will be made at tally table.

Each group will have a PHOTOGENIC AWARD, FASHION AWARD and PERSONALITY AWARD given along with 2nd, 1st and Queen – ALL photos MUST be turned in with application BY DEADLINE – no photos will be accepted after Saturday – photos are judged for photogenic separate from competition and used in the newspaper

$40 entry fee

Petite Miss 8-9 years  /  Deb Miss 10-12 years  /  Jr Teen 13-15 years  /  Teen Miss 16-18 years

These divisions will compete in Interviews which will be held at 5:00 pm on Saturday, Sept 16th

ALL contestants must be signed in by 4:45 pm – NO LATER – interview attire is nice dress

Fitness wear – this will be denim shorts, pageant shirt and tennis shoes with on stage introductions

Eveningwear – this will be pageant dress with on stage question

PER DRABO COMMITTEE request each teen contestant will need a letter of recommendation included with their application to attest to the character of the contestant.

$50 entry fee

PAGEANT SHIRTS: they are $15 and must be paid for with application – SIZE: _______

Shirts can be bought by anyone – but 8-18 MUST purchase one

MAIL APPS TO: DRABO PO Box 146 Bernice, La 71222

OR turn into DRABO Office in Dubach


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