From Spearsville

The Gazette
June 14, 1899

One day last week Mr. S. H. Rockett, while riding on horseback near Cornie bridge, was surprised at the sudden bucking of his horse; and after jumping from the animal it was discovered that a snag had badly ruptured so that its abdominal contents were expelled. Of course, the poor creature soon died.

On last Sunday, a small child of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Glaze was kicked on the head by a colt. The child’s skull was broken and a portion of its brain exuded from the wound. It is yet alive and hopes of its recovery are entertained.

Mr. Y. E. Goodwin, ex-sheriff of Union County, Ark., passed through this neighborhood a few days since on route to Farmerville.

Mr. Henry Henderson, mentioned in our last article, has returned and he seems to be sparing in his compliments of Oklahoma.

It is reported that Dr. George Carroll will be at home in a short while on a visit.

Mr. T. J. Rabun contemplates moving his store to Lillie station soon.

A light shower of rain fell here on the 5th.


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