District Court

The Gazette
August 30, 1899

Last week was a dull one about the court house. The weather was unusually hot; and the litigants, lawyers and court officials all seemed anxious to shorten the work as much as possible consequently while the session was prolonged until Saturday at noon, still court actually held only a few hours during any day.

Jonas Bradford was convicted of assault and battery, and was fined $10 and costs and sentenced to imprisonment in jail for six months.

Ed. Hunt was fined $100 and costs for selling liquor without license.

The final account in estate of W. H. Hill, deceased, was homologated.

In case of Asbury Auld vs. Mrs. Hardy Ann Meeks, judgment of lower court in favor of plaintiff was affirmed.

The appeal was dismissed in suit J. M. Anderson vs. J. M. Day.

In suit of S. T. Jordan vs. J. H. Ham, judgment was rendered in favor of plaintiff.

The suit of Joseph Bowling & Co., Ltd. vs. Sam Pearson et al. was dismissed at plaintiffs’ cost.

Walter Richards vs. Francis Richards. Judgment for plaintiff.

W. E. Hopkins vs. S. T. Speigner. Judgment for plaintiff for $78.53.

Mrs. Susan Bearden vs. W. A. Bearden. Judgment for plaintiff for separation of property.

Robt. Patrick vs. W. H. Mabry. Judgment for plaintiff for $446.04.

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