A Diabolical Deed

The Gazette
September 13, 1899

A most diabolical crime was committed near Shiloh on the night of the 5th inst. by some party or parties yet unknown. About midnight the culprit or culprits went to the horse lot of Capt. E. B. Robinson in Shiloh, hitched his two fine mules to a wagon, drove the team about three miles away, and there deliberately shot the two mules and burned the wagon and harness.

A single pistol ball was sent into one of the mule’s head and it is supposed the poor animal died at once. The other was seriously shot three times in its head while hitched to a tree, but it was yet alive when found next morning and may possibly recover. The wheels of the wagon were taken off the vehicle and placed in the bed, so as to make the destruction complete and then set on fire.

This is a most dastardly crime. It is heinous in the extreme. The party or parties who committed it are dangerous to be at large in any community.

All good citizens should exert every effort to see that they are detected. Safety of life and property demands their detection and conviction. The recent incendiary fire in Shiloh, in which the greater part of the town was destroyed, originated in Capt. Robinson’s store, and it is quite likely that the persons who so maliciously killed those mules also set fire to the town. We hope the culprits will be speedily captured.


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