Lazenby Family

Elizabeth (Libby) Day sent in these pictures of her family. She tells us:

Pictures are of Oscar Gray Lazenby, wife, Emma Lester Porter Lazenby and sons, O. G. Lazen by and William Porter Lazenby.  Taken in the early 1940’s in Bernice or more likely the Shiloh community.  O. G. and his wife Eula lived there until their deaths.  Porter pastored churches in Shiloh, Camp Creek, Fellowship and Mount Union.  He also organized the First Baptist Church of Collinston (Morehouse Parish) before moving to Central Louisiana in 1950.  He was married to the former Laura Elizabeth Colvin Lazenby of Dubach.

One thought on “Lazenby Family

  1. FWIW, For those interested in such things.

    Lazenby is an English place name. The “by” is Norse, which indicates a farmstead. Names like Whitby, Gouldsby, Lazenby are English Villages, formerly Norse Farmsteads. The name was given or adopted as a surname at the time of the 1377 Poll Tax, which ordained by royal decree that henceforth all would have surnames that would be passed on father to son.

    Surnames were taken up or given on the basis of one’s location (e.g. Hill, Forest, Warren, Lazenby), one’s occupation (Cooper – a barrel maker, Fuller, Walker/Waulker, Smith, Ferror), physical characteristic: Tall, Short, Armstrong, Brown, Whitehead, patronym son of David (Davidson, Davison in Scotland, Davis in Wales, Fils de David or FitzDavid if of Norman ancestry.


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