A Pleasant Outing

The Gazette
October 4, 1899

In honor of his sister, Mrs. S. C. Trimble, Mr. J. D. Baughman gave a delightful picnic and barbecue to a few friends in a beautiful grove on his Thompson place last Thursday. The day was an ideal one for outdoor recreation; and the surroundings and preparations for the occasion were entirely in keeping with the lovely weather. When dinner was announced the party took positions around a large table bountifully ladened with elegant barbecued pork and mutton, salads, bread, cakes, coffee, etc., and iced lemonade was served ad libitum.  All present were indebted to Mr. Baughman for a very pleasant day.

In this connection we will take occasion to say that Mr. Baughman has on his Thompson place one of the best agricultural and stock farms in Union Parish. The property contains about 600 acres and it is fast being put into high state of improvement, with the view of making it mainly a stock farm. Mr. Baughman is now having over a hundred acres of swamp land cleared up which he intends to sod down in Bermuda grass for grazing purposes. The fire wood that he gets from this land will almost pay for the clearing. Stock, cattle and hog raising promises to become a profitable industry in North Louisiana, and we feel sure Mr. Baughman’s efforts in that direction will be well rewarded in a few years.


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