From Cherry Ridge

The Gazette
November 15, 1899

“And once more ’tis Indian summer,
For the weather’s smoky blue,
And the office seekers seeking o’er the State.”

Our energetic farmers are very busy with their cane this week, and the sound of voices can be heard by break of day.

Mr. Robt. L. Davis paid a business trip to Monroe last week.

Mr. Tom Terral  has been dangerously ill with pneumonia. His friends are glad to know he is convalescent.

Mrssr. R. L. Davis, J. R. Killgore, J. T. Lowe and families returned a few days ago from an extended fishing expedition over on the Ouachita. They report plenty of fish and a pleasant outing.

Mr. Charlie Cherry entered the University at Baton Rouge this week.

Our former citizen, Mr. S. Welsh, now of Waverly, Tex. is visiting his friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. John Taylor, of Farmerville, is spending a pleasant week with Dr. Tatum and wife.

Prosperity to The Gazette.


2 thoughts on “From Cherry Ridge

  1. I am a native of Union Parish being raised in the Camp Creek community. My absolute favorite time of the summer was when my mom, Otha Rockett Nutt, took me to the Pickens place to meet the Bookmobill and Mrs. Edna Liggin. She allowed me to check out as many books as my mom and I could carry knowing that I would read everyone of them way before the two weeks were up!! What a joy and what special memories!! Judy Nutt Bailey Ivey

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    • Thank you for reading my blog. If you haven’t figured it out yet, your sister is my Aunt Twyla. Edna Liggin was my mom’s first cousin. My first memory of her was on the bookmobile. She was the one who got me interested in genealogy and history. My goal is to share every article she ever wrote. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I hope you come back. Debbie


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