From Downsville

The Gazette
November 22, 1899

November 13, 1899

Farmerville Gazette:  We are glad to see our school increasing so rapidly, from 100 the first week to 170 this, the seventh week. Most all of the pupils seem to be taking a good interest in the work.

We have two literary societies, the Franklin and Alpha Mu Chi, and both are doing excellent work. The societies are contemplating having some exercises Thanks giving day, also a Thanksgiving sermon by Rev. C. H. Carson of the Industrial Institute at Ruston.

We are glad to say Mr. I. Y. Patterson, who was so severely injured a few days ago by a horse falling on him is on the road to recovery.

We regret that Miss Nettie Pardue, a prominent young lady of our school, is sick with slow fever, but hope she will soon be with us again.

The school board has been so successful as to secure the Masonic hall, as we were badly in need of more room; and Miss Della Sellers, of Walnut Lane, accepted the position as third assistant.

We are now well equipped with rooms, teachers and pupils, and everything indicates the most successful session of school that Downsville has ever had.

C. P. Gray
Minnie Gibbs
For the the Franklin Society

November 10, 1899

The Downsville High School is still increasing. There are 160 pupils now enrolled. The Masons were kind enough to give their hall, which is the upper story of the school building to the school. Miss Mattie Hamilton, 1st assistant, with 45 young ladies, occupy the hall; Miss Della Sellers, of Walnut Lane, was given the 3rd assistantship.  She began Nov. 6. Downsville is alive with school boys and girls.

The school is glad to hear that their schoolmate, Mr. Yancy Patterson, who was thrown from his horse, and badly injured two weeks ago, is some better.

The girls are allowed to receive company once a month. Several “took up their time” Saturday night.

Great interest is taken in the society work of the school. The following is a program of last meeting of the Alpha Mu Chi: Recitation, Mabel Roberts; Medley, Misses Lydia Staples, Pearl Gaskins and Leona Pardue; Essay, What I Know of Dreyfus, W. A. Heart; Description of ugliest man I ever say, W. Bagwell; Description of Mississippi River, Leila Edwards; Recitation, C. C. Tubbs. The society adjourned.

A. A. Albritton, Pres.
Lottie Sellers, Editor

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