From Spearsville

The Gazette
December 6, 1899

Mrs. Sallie J., widow of Mr. Geo. Hollis, left for Texas on a visiting expedition a few days since. She was accompanied by her daughter and son — Miss Sarah Jane and Mr. Claud.

Mr. Willie Pickens has opened up a general line of merchandise in Spearsville. This makes three stores located here; also three at Lillie. Now for competition.

A considerable crowd of country people assembled at Lillie on the day of sale and “lots” were sold rapidly from $18 down; but now Mr. Rumor says that there were but few lots sold, if any, only to “bid buyers”.

Two Mormon preachers are invading this section of country. It seems too, that they are about to captivate certain parties.

Mrs. Emeline Risinger has recently returned from a visit to her daughter in Bell County, Texas.

Mrs. Sallie Steverson, of Junction City, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Eld. W. K. Smith attended the “Golden Wedding” of Mr. and Mrs. Mial Murphy, of near El Dorado, on the 29th inst.

Aylmer Fleniken, Esq., was at Lillie on business the day of the sale.

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