From Farmerville

The Gazette
January 10, 1900

Mr. J. A. Taylor and family have moved to Marion.

Mr. C. V. Farrar, the popular New Orleans knight of the grip, is in Farmerville to-day.

Mr. J. P. Odom has been commissioned clerk of registration for Union Parish.

Mr. J. M. Smith went to Monroe to attend the senatorial executive committee.

Stave dealers and merchants are getting anxious for navigation to open up in Bayou D’Arbonne.

There was not a meeting of the school board Saturday, on account of no quorum being present.

Mr. J. P. Odom, of Astoria, Tex., is visiting relatives in Union Parish.

Mr. B. F. Grafton informs us that the big saw mill at Dubach about 18 miles west of Farmerville, is now lighted by electricity.

Dr. C. H. Laurence has moved to Ruston, where he has entered into a dental partnership with Dr. J. F. Johnston.

The Arkansas Southern railroad has so changed its schedule as to make connection with the west bound V. S. & P. train.

For sale cheap for cash or on time for approved paper, a good gentle horse and a James & Graham wagon, 2 3-4 inch axle. – J. G. Trimble.

Mr. J. P. Smith informs us that M. W. Platt died about ten days ago of pneumonia, and that two of Mrs. Beverly Reagan’s children are quite sick.

I offer for sale cheap for cash, or on approved paper, a fine large pair of mules and a good wagon. Call on or address: John Ballard, Conway, La.

Mr. J. A. Peek, a substantial merchant of Ouachita, spent Friday and Saturday in Farmerville. He says business and collections have been good in his town.

Monroe is the market now for Buggies, Carriages and Phaetons. We handle them in car lots Write us for catalogue. –Monroe Hardware Co. (Ltd).

It is rumored that the V. S. & P. railroad will soon put on double daily train service between Shreveport and Delta. This change would prove a great convenience to travelers along that route.

Hardware of all kinds, including stoves, cross cut saws and stave wedges. Monroe Hardware Co. (Ltd)

Maj. J. G. Lee was summoned to Farmerville Tuesday evening to the bedside of his sick sister Mrs. H. M. Lee. She died shortly after he reached her.

Company is what you have and plenty of it if you drive a Hickman or James & Graham wagon. We sell them. Monroe Hardware Co. (Ltd)

After this week we will discontinue The Gazette to several parties who are three of four years in arrears. We cannot afford to send the paper indefinitely to parties who will not pay.

I have returned from Red River to Hico, La., and I wish to say to those who have gins and machinery to be repaired and want the work done right, just wait a few days as I am coming prepared to do any work in that line. – J. R. Pinckard

Just because Jeans pants are working pants is no reason why they shouldn’t fit and look well. The buckskin breeches have the most wear, best fit, and best looks of any Jeans Pants made, where pants are worn.




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