Edna’s Home

A few days ago Molly Liggin Rankin took a trip back to Shiloh and her childhood home. She came back with some some very good pictures and she is sharing them with you.


Edna’s house is in decline


My Aunt Frances and Uncle John lived here across the highway.


This tree has been here since I was a child….


The door to the corn crib was removed (by me) years ago unfortunately I let it rot away once it got out in the sun and rain and weather….


My Daddy built these steps on the inside wall of the barn to go up into the hayloft….Daddy was tall and had extra long legs so the distance between rungs is a far.


This hinged door or window of the corn crib opened into the interior of the main part of the barn where the cows and other livestock were fed at a hay rack and trough.


What used to be the hen house…long ago lost its outside walls..


This is what remains of a hen nest


The Outhouse


Looking from inside the barn into the back area which was the pig pen.


This is a rock Edna must have brought from the creek to her yard….a nice long trek


The trees are big now ….there was one tree that we had a rope attached to …. we swung out over the ditch (which we called the ‘old road’ because Hwy 2 was originally much close to our house ….the ‘old road’ became a place to dump trash or play until it finally grew up in trees and bushes.

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