Death by Own Gun

The Gazette
January 17, 1900

Mr. W. F. Usrey, of Oakland neighborhood, informs us that a white boy, age about 17 years, names Bob Taylor, was shot and killed near Oakland on January 5. It is supposed that the unfortunate boy came to his death from the careless handling of his own gun. He was working on Mr. Usrey’s farm, and on the day of his death he went hunting. He failed to return home that night and the next day a posse of citizens set out in search for him. They found his dead body near a fence, on the other side of which his discharged gun was resting. Mr. Usrey thinks it probable that the boy was accidentally shot while in the act of climbing the fence. The entire charge of shot entered his breast, and if Mr. Usrey’s theory be correct the victim was directly over the muzzle of the gun when it went off.

It might be possible, however, that the boy was shot by other hands and that he was so left as to create the impression that the killing was purely accidental. Inasmuch as he had no known enemies, no credence is attached to this theory. When the victim was found his dog was by his side, thus showing the faithfulness of the little animal to his master.

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