From Farmervile

The Gazette
January 24, 1900

The last few days have been quite spring like. They made one feel like gardening.

Mr. W. J. Sinclair, a leading farmers of the fourth justice ward, was in Farmerville Tuesday

Mr. J. T. Davis, prominent merchant of Cherry Ridge, was in town Monday on business.

Mr. N. O. Covington informs us that Mrs. W. D. St. John, of Shiloh vicinity, died last week.

Mr. W. D. Friar, tombstone agent for a St. Louis firm, was in Farmerville Friday.

Miss Mollie Bird, of Oakland vicinity, is visiting relatives in Monroe.

Mrs. Johnson, mother of Mr. J. L. Winn, died at the latter’s residence near Mt. Tabor Sunday. She was about 84 years of age.

Mr. Hardie, of the cotton factorage firm of Wm. T. Hardie & Co., New Orleans, gave us a pleasant call Monday.

Mr. Will Day, of Marion ward, died last week from an attack of measles. There is considerable sickness of this character in that section.

A non-jury sitting of the district court will be held next week in Farmerville. The docket is larger than for the past few sessions.

The steamer Rosa B. failed to make it up to the Farmerville landing last week. She only reached Turkey Bluff, where she is now tied up. She had a big cargo of freight for our merchants which is being hauled to town.

To my Friends and Patrons. I will leave St. Louis on January 29th for Missouri mules and mares. Will have them here by February 10th. Wait and see and get my prices before buying elsewhere. J. D. Baughman.

Tax Collector Pleasant made a settlement Saturday with Treasurer Dawkins for funds collected for the fourth quarter of 1899. The amount turned over in scrip and cash was $4,772.31 placed to the credit of the different funds for 1899, $4262.38; for 1898, $9.16; for 1897, 2 cents; school fund, $500.65.

Mr. Aiken, of Shiloh ward, brought the news to Farmerville Tuesday that Mr. John A. Hammock, of his neighborhood, had died the previous day. His death was not unexpected, for he had been dangerously ill for several days. Mr. Hammock was about 80 years of age, and was one of the wealthiest men of this parish.

The Gazette is indebted to the Medine Music House, of New Orleans, for two very pretty pieces of sheet music. The one is a song, entitled “Do Not Break the Marriage Vow, ” and the other is an instrumental production entitled “All Right March”. Laurent L. Comey is the composer of both.

I will pay 15 cents per bushel for seed at Farmerville or exchange one ton of meal for two tons of seed, paying freight one way and furnishing sacks.  John Ballard, Agt Union Oil Co.

Last week the infant daughter of Capt. H. W. McLeod was struck in the eye by a small fragment of brick that was hurled from a “sling shot” with which her little brother was playing. It was feared for a while that the baby would lose the injured eye; but we are glad to state that is now much better.




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