From Spearsville

The Gazette
January 24, 1900

Mr. W. G. Brown has sold his land, including his residence to Mrs. Abigail Summers, and he is now preparing to build anew near the same place. Mrs. Summers has moved in with her family. The day she moved (last week) one Mr. Ripley, of near El Dorado, came and demanded, with firearms , her daughter, Miss Eula, and carried her back to Arkansas. Likely they are now married.

One night last week Mr. Dock Farrar, who lives in Cornie Fork, returned home from a party about midnight, and on retiring took his pocket-book from his person and placed it into a trunk near his bed, and the next morning it was missing. It contained $60 in gold certificates and a lot of notes. Have not heard of the suspected party.

A small pox scare was created at Lillie a few days since, but indications prove to the contrary notwithstanding.

Since the weather has been indicating the near approach of spring, farmers are beginning to prepare for another agricultural trial.

There was a wedding at Mr. W. K. Pryor’s last Thursday night; the contracting parties being one Mr. Heard, of Claiborne Parish, and Miss Sallie Breazeal, daughter of Mr. H. W. Breazeal, of this ward.


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