From Farmerville

The Gazette
January 31, 1900

Mr. Organ Tatum and family have moved to Oklahoma.

Next Monday is the time for a regular session of the police jury.

Mr. Napoleon Spencer, of Ouachita vicinity died recently.

Messrs. G. Hartman and H. W. McLeod went to Monroe Tuesday on business.

Mr. Jonas Selig, of Bernice, spent a few days of this week in Farmerville.

Quite a number of people came to Farmerville Monday, expecting that there would be court.

Messrs. Ed. Haas and J. K. Atkinson made a flying trip to Bernice Wednesday.

Mrs. S. E. Chapman returned home Thursday from Lincoln Parish, where she visited relatives.

Mr. Jas. M. Underwood, Jr., and family have moved into the Lee residence, recently vacated by Mr. Tatum.

Mr. Pierce, of Shreveport, representing the Cuban Tonic Co., of Houston, Tex., was in Farmerville Friday.

On account of the small pox scare, Judge Barksdale has ordered the district court in this parish adjourned until Monday, Feb 19.

Mr. Will Williams of Junction neighborhood, called at our office Friday and paid the The Gazette until 1902. He says he cannot do without this paper.

A meeting of the Democratic judicial executive committee for the fourth district, composed of Union and Lincoln Parishes, will be held at Bernice to-morrow.

We regret to chronicle the death of Mrs. J. D. Nolan, which occurred Tuesday morning at her husband’s residence, 10 miles east of Farmerville.

Mr. J. D. Baughman left Monday morning for St. Louis to  purchase another lot of mules, horses and mares for the market. He will have them in Farmerville Feb. the 10th prox.

Among the Shreveport Times’ Mt. Lebanon items we note “Mr. Larkin Green, of Union Parish, came in last evening to attend School”.

Miss Lillian Gilbert returned home Wednesday from Meridian, Miss, where she has been attending College. She was forced to give up her studies on account of failing health.

I will pay 15 cents per bushel for seed at Farmerville or exchange one ton of meal for two tons of seed, paying freight one way and furnishing sacks. – JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Col.

A regular all-wood-and-a yard-wide norther from the arctic regions struck Farmerville Sunday about noon. The mercury at once began to crawl down, and in the 24 hours ending Monday morning, it had dropped about that many degrees.

Trespass Notice
I hereby warn all persons not to trespass on my land. I will in the future prosecute all trespassers to the full extent of the law. The person who took that wood from my land would better come and settle for it as that is the cheapest way out.  JOHN HOFFMAN

Mr. Baughman realized good prices from the sale of his Short Horn Durham cattle last week. They sold for $85 per head down. This is the kind of cattle needed in this country, being both good milkers and fine beef stock. Mr. Baughman has yet a few head left, which he will sell at reasonable prices.

The Populists of Union Parish held a meeting in Farmerville last Thursday and selected delegates to their state convention which meets next week in Alexandria. Rumor says that the minds of seveal of the Pop. leaders evinced a considerable weakening on the fusion question at their recent meeting. Has Hardy Brian et al, passed the order around, “Fusion it must be, boys?”


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