From Farmerville

The Gazette
February 7, 1900

Read warning notice of the E. C. Drew Investment Co.

Read tax notice by Sheriff Pleasant, and act accordingly.

Miss Elise Guehring left last Friday for New Orleans

The small pox scare has about died away.

Eld. Henry Archer was able to be on our streets last week for the first time in several months.

Mr. J. D. Baughman returned from St. Louis, where he went to purchase stock.

Mr. H. B. Smith has been very sick at his residence in Farmerville for the past few days.

Mr. A. J. Mashaw, Mr. H. Lindsey and son Sam, all of Ruston, spent a few days of last week in Farmerville.

We were glad to see Mr. H. M. Lee able to be on our streets Saturday, after his recent severe sickness.

H. M. Blackman, of Bernice, is agent for Meridian Fertilizer. 200 pounds to the acre will double yield with seasons.

Mr. M. G. Jarmon, of D’Arbonne ward, called at our office Monday, and ordered The Gazette sent for a year to a friend in Arkansas.

The public term of the Farmerville Institute will begin next Monday and continue three month. Take advantage thereof.

The Port Union  plantation on Ouachita river was sold at  sheriff sale Saturday for $5700. It contains about 700 acres of land.

I have just received a nice and complete assortment of the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoes, for sale at reasonable prices. — W. J. Turnage

The police jury met in Farmerville Monday, with all members present except Mr. Pardue. He was kept away by reason of quarantine restrictions.

A Democratic primary for the slate of nominees for judicial officers of the fourth district will be held in Union  and Lincoln parishes on the 24th inst.

We are requested to announce that Eld. R. M. Boone will preach at the Baptist church in Farmerville next Thursday evening at 7:30 o’clock.

Eld. R. M. Boone, editor of the Baptist Chronicle of Alexandria, is visiting relatives in Farmerville. He is accompanied by his wife. They are guests of Mr. Edward Everett.

Mules! Mules!

Have just arrived from St. Louis with a lot of Missouri mules and mares. See them and get prices before buying elsewhere. -J. D. Baughman

Mr. S. C. Selig is the happy father of a bouncing boy. The youngster made his arrival Monday night. We are glad to state that mother and child are both doing well.

Steamboatmen, merchants and stave men are praying for sufficient rain to open up navigation in the D’Arbonne. Present indications look like the weather clerk is preparing to answer their prayers.

Mr. H. B. T. Goyne died Monday morning of the prevailing disease, pneumonia. He nursed his son-in-law, Mr. Poly Spencer, who died recently, in his last illness and it is thought contracted the disease then.

Trespass Notice

I hereby warn all persons not to trespass on my land. I will in the future prosecute all trespassers to the full extent of the law. The person who took that wood from my land would better come and settle for it, as that is the cheapest way out. — John Hoffman

Mr. F. L. Dillard, of D’Arbonne ward, says that there are two new cases of small pox in the Patterson family. The victims are Messrs. Pete and Curt Patterson. The latter has a very mild case. Yancy Patterson who was first seized with the disease is recovering.

Mrs. A. J. Callaway died last week.

Two grown men died in the same house last Thursday night. They were Messrs. C. L. Eubanks and J. W. Markham, who lived about ten miles east of Farmerville. They had that type of fatal pneumonia which has been so prevalent in our parish.

The impression prevails in the country that Farmerville enforces rigid quarantine regulations. This is a mistake and it is seriously interfering with business. Any person who has not been exposed to the small pox will find no trouble in getting to our town.


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