From Farmerville

The Gazette
February 21, 1900

Drummers were very much in evidence in Farmerville Friday.

Don’t fail to vote in the judicial primary election next Saturday.

Mr. Jacques M. Levy, a drummer well known in this parish, died last week at Little Rock, Ark.

“Blind tiger” liquor was very much in evidence on our streets Monday.

There was the largest crowd in Farmerville Monday that we have seen in many a day.

Mr. J. W. Auld died at his home near Farmerville Tuesday morning. He was 77 years old.

Eld. J. V. B. Waldrop will preach at the Baptist church next Sunday morning at 11 o’clock.

I will be in Farmerville until Friday, March 2, prepared to do all kinds of dental work. — C. H. Laurence

J. B. Holstead, Esq., of Ruston candidate for district judge, was mingling with the people of Union the first of this week.

Judge Barksdale and District Attorney Roberts were at their respective posts at the opening of court Monday.

Messrs. A. Flenniken and Harper, attorneys of El Dorado, Ark., were among the visitors at the present term of court.

F. F. Preaus, Esq., spent several days of last week in Lincoln parish, in the interest of his candidacy for the district attorneyship.

Bring our jury and witness claims to The Gazette office. Highest market price paid in cash. — J. G. Trimble

Mr. J. R. Pleasant and family have moved to Bernice, La., where they will make their future home.

Mr. J. H. Evans, of Shiloh ward, brought to our office Monday a very fine turnip which measured 10 1/2 by the longest diameter.

Mr. A. C. Gill has just returned (can not read) with a car load of good Missouri mules, mares and saddle horses. If you need any stock, see him and get prices.

J. D. Barksdale, Esq., of Ruston candidate for district attorney, spent a few days in Farmerville last week in behalf of his candidacy.

100,000  First class staves wanted. Will exchange mules, merchandise, accounts and notes for same. — J. D. Baughman

I have received a nice and complete assortment of the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoes, for sale at reasonable prices. — W. J. Turnage

A marriage ceremony was performed Monday at the post office. The contracting parties were Geo. Armour, of Webster Parish, and Miss Idona Daniel of Union. Eld Henry Archer officiated.

The rain of Tuesday will at least permit the Rosa B., which has been stranded at Wall’s Bluff with a load of cotton, to get out to Monroe; but without more rain it is doubtful whether she can get back to Farmerville again.

If the voters of Union Parish would have a voice in the selection of judicial officers, let them go to the polls next Saturday and vote for their choice. All we want is for Union  to play an equal had with our Lincoln neighbors in the choosing of those important offices.

Trespass Notice

I hereby warn all persons not to trespass on my land. I will in the future prosecute all trespassers to the full extent of the law. The person who took that wood from my land would better come and settle for it as that is the cheapest way out. –John Hoffman

Our merchants state that very little credit business has been done up to date. The advanced price of cotton has put several extra dollars in the purses of our agricultural friends and many of them will be able to raise the coming crop entirely on their own resources.

Mr. S. J. Dillard made a visit to Farmerville Monday for the first time in several years. We regret to state that Mr. Dillard’s eyes show but little improvement.


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