From Farmerville

The Gazette
February 28, 1900

Lient.-Col. R. G. Pleasant, of Shreveport, is spending a few days in Farmerville.

Mr. W. J. Atkinson has bought the grocery store of Messr. Fenton & Dean.

Mr. G. Hartman made a business trip to Monroe on the 25th inst.

Rev. J. V. B. Waldrop filled the pulpit at the Baptist Church Sunday morning.

Mr. W. J. Atkinson has moved his grocery business to the Arent building on Main Street.

The Baptist church of this place has called Rev. J. V. B. Waldrop  to the pastorate of the church for the present year.

H. M. Blackman, of Bernice, is agent for Meridian Fertilizer. 200 pounds to the acre will double yield with seasons.

Mrs. J. C.(?) Montgomery came up from Monroe Saturday. She was called here by the illness of her father, Mr. E. M. Dean.

Judge Gunby and E. T. Lam(?) Esqs., lawyers of Monroe, were in Farmerville the latter part of last week on professional business.

Bring your jury and witness claims to The Gazette office. Highest market price paid in cash. –J. G. Trimble

M. F. Carey, a stanch Democrat of the ninth ward, was over to town Monday, to learn the results of the judicial primary.

100,000 First class staves wanted. Will exchange mules, merchandise, accounts and notes for same. — J. D. Baughman. 

Mr. T. J. Breed, a popular young man of Junction City, was recently married to Miss Ona Ingram, a beautiful and and accomplished young lady of Conway, Ark.

I will pay 20 cents per bushel for cotton seed delivered at Farmerville landing. — John Ballard, Agent, Union Oil Co.

The session of the District court adjourned Saturday evening, and Judge Barksdale and District Attorney C. B. Roberts, left for their homes in Ruston Sunday morning.

Mr. R. Y. Langston, who has been in charge of the parish Poor House, died last Friday night. The deceased was about eight-eight years old.

Mr. E. M. Dean, a life-long inhabitant of the parish, and highly respected citizen departed this life Sunday afternoon, at the residence of his son in-law, Mr. Sidney Selig.

Take Notice. The Continental Tobacco Co. will pay $10 reward for proof against any person or persons tearing down their GOOD LUCK TOBACCO signs. Address, Geo. G. Price, Key House, Monroe, La.

The policy jury should build a camp house here, for the convenience of jurors and witnesses who attend the courts and come prepared with provisions to board themselves.

We learn form the Monroe papers that Dr. O. H. Thompson and Mr. B. B. Thomas, of Marion, left last Friday for a business and pleasure trip to New Orleans

The rains of last Thursday and Friday caused a slight rise in the bayou. The Rosa B., got to Monroe Saturday and left Sunday morning for Farmerville landing with a large cargo of freight.

Mr. T. J. Freeman, of the fourth ward, was in town Monday. He reports that the measles and pneumonia, which has been quite severe in his locality, are now giving away.

On account of the Democratic speaking at Shreveport, March 1st. to which W. J. Bryan and the nominates of the Democratic State ticket will be present and address the gathering, a special train will be run over the V. S. & P. railroad. This train will pass Choudrant about 7 or 8 o’clock on the morning of the 1st. One fare for the round trip.

Deputy Sheriff Jno. A. Gresham, of Marion ward was in town Monday conferring with his chief. We presume he went away prepared to round up those parties in his ward whom the grand jury laid complaints against.

Our editor, Mr. J. G. Trimble, left last Sunday morning for New Orleans, where he goes to attend a session of the National Editorial Association. This body will be in session for three or four days.

From a gentleman from the Downsville settlement, we learn that the smallpox there has been confined to the family and servants of the household in which it broke out, and that there is no  probability of its spreading.


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