From Farmerville

The Gazette
March 7, 1900

Mr. G. L. Shields spent a few days in Monroe during the past week.

The rain of Tuesday caused broad smiles to linger upon the faces of stave and timber men.

Messrs. Jacob Stein and J. G. Trimble came up Monday afternoon from New Orleans.

C. C. Norman, Esq., of the Ouachita City neighborhood, was in town last Friday.

Our merchants are now busy receiving new goods since the boating season has opened up.

H. M. Blackman, of Bernice, is agent for Meridian Fertilizer. 200 pounds to the acre will double yield with seasons.

Mrs. Ida Alcus returned from Bernice Tuesday afternoon where she visited her sister Mrs. D. L. Cromwell.

Mr. Wes. Broadwell, of Simsboro, spent a few days in town last week, as the guest of his brother-in-law, F. F. Preaus, Esq.

Mrs. S. A. Thompson of this place is visiting in Monroe at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O. C. Dawkins.

Mrs. H. R. Ham has moved to Farmerville. He has connected himself with the publication of the Herald.

Mr. Ladelle Andrews, of Ouachita, returned from New Orleans Sunday, where he took in Mardi Gras.

The Police Jury has employed Mr. Wm. Evans, of the Conway ward, to take charge of the parish Poor House.

A telephone line between Farmerville and Bernice is very much needed. Cannot some enterprising citizen construct this line? It would pay.

100,000 First class staves wanted. Will exchange mules, merchandise, accounts and notes for same. — J. D. Baughman

The vote in the recent judicial primary at Junction City stood: For Judge – Dawkins 22, Holstead 5, for district attorney – Preaus 15, Barksdale 11. This makes Dawkins’ majority 37, and Preaus’ 204.

I will pay 20 cents per bushel for cotton seed delivered at Farmerville landing. — John Ballard, Agent, Union Oil Co.

There is much activity among timber men in this section, caused by the present high water in the bayou, affording as it does opportunity for floating out logs and barges.

To Cure La Grippe in Two Days

Take Laxative Bromo Qunine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature on every box. 25c.

The Democratic Executive Committee of this Judicial District will meet at Bernice on Thursday, the 8th inst., to canvas and promulgate the vote for judge and district attorney cast in the primary election on the 24th of last month.

Cotton jumped up several points last week, and eager buyers are in evidence at the advanced price. Many people expect to see the staple sell for 10 cents in the near future. At last the English spinners have been forced to realize the scarcity of the staple, and they are eager to make purchases.

A parish teachers institute conducted by Prof. J. B. Aswell, of the State Normal School, will be held in Farmerville next week. All the teachers of the parish are expected to attend and their excertises promise to be both entertaining and instructive.

The Rosa B. left our landing Sunday evening carrying about 250 bales of cotton for Monroe. She will return again this week as the water in the bayou is sufficiently high to make boating easy.

It is announced that the Republican-Populist combine under command of Don Caffrey, Jr. will reach Farmerville next Saturday. They will tell the people something about politics from their point of view, and incidentally how it would fill their heats with joy to get a grip on the good fat offices. It is a case of the “outs” wanting to get in.

Representative Richardson, the Democratic leader of the House, has shown the Republicans, by a series of resolutions, how the trusts can be controlled; but that isn’t the sort of thing the Republicans are looking for. They only wish to control the campaign contributions of the trusts, and that can’t be done by producing their profits.


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