From Spearsville

The Gazette
March 21, 1900

This town and vicinity are considerably infected with Roseola (the physicians pronounce it German measles), but it is hurting no one much.

One night last week, Mr. John Brinker of Lillie, died of pneumonia after a few days illness.

Mr. B. F. Farrar’s mules, which were shot a week or so since by some malicious person at Lillie, are getting well.

Mrs. N. B. Bird, Sr., of Champagnolle, Ark., is visiting her son near this place.

Mr. W. H. Post, Jr., who, if thought, has had consumption for several years, is quite puny.

Farmers are considerably hindered in their work, on account of so many rainy day of late.


The Gazette
March 21, 1900


Please allow a few locals from our place.

Merchants here are receiving new and large stocks of spring goods.

There are two or three very good dwellings for sale here, so those wishing to locate would do well to come to Spearsville.

Mr. Henry Henderson, of Bernice, was at home last week on the puny list.

Recently Mr. W. Pickens, Jr., purchased a new boiler, so the old machinery has been remodeled and replaced by new.

Bro. Waldrop was rained out of his church day at Farmerville, last Saturday.

We are to have another new mail route — one from here to Lockhart, La.

The young men and the young ladies of Everett Institute are conducting each a very interesting society. Pieces for commencement programme are being handed out this week. We have organized a Normal class, and besides regular class work the principal gives those preparing to teach special lessons relative to teacher’s duties, etc.

Roseola gave us a little scare here a week ago but not enough to amount to much.

Everything is moving on O. K. April 7th, is the time when we are expecting the meeting of the associational board of trustees at this place.


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